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We understand your child’s first show can be an overwhelming time where you may receive conflicting advice. If you need advice that isn’t addressed by the following tips and pointers; please feel free to ask your child’s teacher to introduce you to an experienced parent who has the time and expertise to help you get sorted and underway with this exciting time!


  • “Stage makeup” needs to be more obvious than normal makeup in order to make sure the dancers features can be seen from stage

  • Blue eye shadows may make eyes appear “sunken” under stage lights so it is preferable

  • not to use blue

  • Light eyebrows (e.g.: blond) may need to be shaded in with an eyeliner to frame the face under stage lights

  • Depending on the costume colour; red or pink lipsticks are best to be seen from stage. Brown lipsticks and/or clear glosses tend not to show up well. You can co-ordinate with other Mums within your group to ensure your group looks their best together on stage

  • For most hair types freshly washed hair can be somewhat unmanageable and flyaway for performance standard buns and braids


  • Have a checklist of all the required items for your childs costumes as well as extra stockings etc. This not only helps make a less stressful time for yourself but also if you are supervising with other parents in your childs group; it also helps them

  • A dressing gown or zip up fleece is a good idea should your child want a snack to ensure the costume stays clean

  • No jewellery, underwear, nail polish, temporary tattoos are allowed during show dress rehearsals and shows. Flesh colour plasters are to be worn where necessary


  • Keep your newsletter containing rehearsal and show dates somewhere safe; you will refer back to it many times before the final show! 

  • Arrive in plenty of time to prepare, making the most enjoyable experience possible for your child with no unnecessary pressure

  • It is important for a smooth show and your child’s safety that they listen to side of stage crew and follow their instructions

  • Snacking nutritious foods frequently (in the green room) throughout the day is a good idea for keeping energy levels high, hydration is also very important -but remember to not eat in costume.

I Dance Productions
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