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A range of exciting classes for students of all levels. These non-syllabus open classes will be led by our talented dance teacher's team.


This class is offered for pupils from 9 years old with minimum of 2 years of ballet/ jazz background.


Classes work towards building dance-specific strength, flexibility and co-ordination. In a supportive environment, participants will be encouraged to find a free and full-bodied approach to moving.

The class will explore a range of technical principles such as connectivity. Using breath to release tension, and finding efficiency whilst moving into and out of the floor. There will be a progression towards expansive travelling phrases focusing on movement quality, musicality and performance.


Overall, these classes are inclusive and energetic with a focus on fun and the enjoyment of moving together. 

In Term 1 contemporary is offered as an extra class for pupils choosing to participate in this style in our production.

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This class centres around improving efficiency and fluidity when moving in and out of the floor.


Working with both improvisation and set material, we will explore organisation of weight and movement patterns, that serve to address coordination issues and improve dynamic potential. 

Students must be in Ballet or Jazz Elementary and above to attend to this class.

In Term 1 contemporary is offered as an extra class for pupils choosing to participate in this style in our production.


Want to land that triple pirouette?

Finally get the height for a switch firebird?!?

Try a super cabriole?

If you want a class to compliment your jazz or ballet technique, this is for you!

*Must be in Ballet or Jazz Grade 3 or above.

Class is designed to work on strength, flexibility, and the 'tricks' of dance. No choreography is taught in this class, though short combos might be used to link skills together.

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This class will teach your child the basics of acrobatics and build upon any currently possessed skills.  


Some of the skills taught in this class include: forward rolls, backward rolls, straddle rolls forward and backwards, pike rolls; forward and backwards, cartwheels, round offs, back bends, back bend pull up, hand stand, hand stand forward roll, to name a few.


This class is structured to keep the kids engaged and moving from the start.  It starts with a warm up (which can include an obstacle course) stationary skills, travelling skills and dance/gross motor skills are incorporated as well.  It’s a great hour of fun! 


This is a great class for budding performers! 

The combination of singing, acting, and dancing develops well-rounded artists.


Students will learn necessary dance skills and partnering, the art of emoting and “dacting” – dancing/acting, as well as singing skills, all of which will help them on stage,

in dance class and in life.

Our dance combination classes are designed to nurture

and develop the stage performer and focus on providing students with both music and dance training. This training

will give them the ability to perform in front of others with poise, confidence and stage presence.

This is also a great class for competition dancers who wants to get an extra "edge".

In Term 1 Musical Theatre is offered as an extra class for 

pupils choosing to participate in this style in our production.

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We are now offering open ballet classes at show season for Grades 1 and above.

We really feel these classes will hugely benefit students and keep their technic strong while preparing for our annual production.

Open Junior Ballet - Grades 1 - 3

Open Ballet Class - Grades 5 and above.


This class is available to students who have been approved by the Ballet teacher and the Director. 


Students who are accepted must be of appropriate age, ability and strength levels in order to promote their success as well as physical health.  


Students enrolled in Pointe must to attend ballet classes at least two days per week.

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